Who We Are


At DeAnima, we are not your typical bike designer and manufacturer. Our story is born out of passion, community and tradition. Whereas so many Italian heritage brands have moved their production overseas, we do all designing, testing and building our frames at our base in Pergine Valsugana, in the heart of Northern Italy.

DeAnima is born out of a mixture of people and experiences, from the Pegoretti days and the art of tig welding bicycle frames to San Patrignano, the substance addiction rehabilitation community that has transformed lives by recognising that teaching craftsmanship and instilling a sense of belonging to something bigger builds self esteem and worth.

DeAnima Are Family


Head of the family is Gianni Pegoretti. Having learned his peerless bike building craft with his brother Dario, Gianni took a different path when he became a teacher and head of bicycle production at San Patrignano. Here, the philosophy he applied over his nine year tenure was one of building bicycles as a means to help rebuild lives. Working with men and women from all backgrounds and walks of life with addiction issues, Gianni helped to change countless lives for the better by teaching them practical skills in the art of frame building. When San Patrignano decided to relocate their production base, this gave the impetus for Gianni to set out on his own and create DeAnima Cicli. Always with a grin on his face, Gianni is in theory “Il Capo”, the chief, but his approach is one based on collaboration and teamwork.


Proof, not that it was ever needed, of how San Patrignano can help rebuild lives, Antonio came to them with serious addiction issues at only 22 years of age. After four years of intensive professional training, Antonio proved that he had a natural talent and flair for frame building, progressing from patient to employee as he was given responsibility for carbon frame production and supervising the work of other patients. In Antonio, Gianni saw a work ethic, attention to detail and determination to succeed that made him his best apprentice and colleague. It was thus a natural progression for him to ask Antonio to become part of DeAnima. Cut from the same cloth as Gianni, a smile never far from his face, Antonio puts the art into artisan. It is a phrase that seems to be used to excess these days but in Antonio’s case, he is truly worthy of it.


Having cut his teeth in the bicycle industry importing Soulcraft and Pegoretti bikes into the UK, Matt is no stranger to the world of custom frame building. Friend and longtime collaborator with Gianni, blessed with an incite and understanding of the bike industry that few possess, Matt is the driving force behind the day to day running of DeAnima that enables Antonio and Gianni to build works of art in bicycle form. His role is not the glamorous, adulation garnering one that many covet. Rather, he is the one that enables the magic to happen. From the instant you make contact through the entire production process to you taking delivery of your new DeAnima frame, Matt is there every step of the way to make sure that you, the customer, are placed at the very heart of things.