Paint Designs


Standard Paint Designs.

Here is the current range of standard paint designs that we are offering – any of these designs is included with a DeAnima frame. We say standard, but there is little that is standard about them, from the design concept through to the actual execution, there is little that is standard. The paint designs were influenced by artists & designers like Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet. Also designs are works done by Gianni, he is the one who has the artist blood, he has a culture for art and design that few people have.

Custom Paint.

We also offer a full custom paint design service where we work with you to design a unique paint design for your DeAnima frame on a 1 to 1 basis. You tell us what you would like, tell us what art or design inspires you and we will work with you to do your exclusive design that will be unique to just you.

If you need some inspiration check out our Instagram feed to see what’s been coming out of the paint shop in the last few months.

Tenda Paint Design