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Another fact and fight me: Almost every hyper-optimized carbon wonder-bike is like an exquisite floor upon which you dance—an ideal medium on which to perform—whereas a modern steel rim-brake bike is like a partner you dance with, a living collaborator who brings more joy and rhythm if not love to the performance. There’s so much more to that, and we’ll get to it in an upcoming Bicycling member newsletter. But for now a final fact: This is one of the best I’ve ever ridden.—Bill Strickland
Overall, the DeAnima Soul is a well-made quality gravel offering aimed at riders who prefer performance and speed over comfort, and enjoy mixing up road rides with a bit of dirt on the side. That’s not to say the Soul can’t be enjoyed exclusively on trails alone but the direct and often firm ride quality is an acquired taste.

Peloton Magazine
Gianni Pegoretti’s DeAnima may be a new name, but it holds firm to the old ideals of Italian cycling. Handmade in the heart of Italy, the AMG-01 is a bike that rides as impeccably as it is finished. It is a manifestation of the craftsmen that make it, a bike we feel lucky to have had in the PELOTON magazine stable, even for a short time.

The Unblended was more than just a rolling canvas though. Gianni promised a race bike, and a race bike is what I received. The chassis was incredibly stiff and the handling was quite sharp and precise. This is not a bike designed for cruising around on, and while it’s likely to attract some attention on the local café strip, the Unblended’s place is on a racecourse.
When I’m alone again, I sprint up a climb. Bam-bam-bam, that feels good. Although the power is not completely back yet, the bike at least responds properly. In the descent I also pull through and am surprised by its handling characteristics. It goes through the bends like a spear. After 45 kilometers I am back at the campsite. It feels like I’ve done a long workout.

The DeAnima Unblended #1 is certainly a bike I’ll remain fond of long after it’s made its way back to Italy. It rode every bit as well as it looked – stylish, rare and racy all at once.
“A complete weight of only 7 kilos? The DeAnima is extremely impressive, the steel bike turns into a jet bike!” Can that really be steel? The ROADBIKE scale for the DeAnima OQOC shows just over 7 kilos – a top value that shows that steel racers don’t have to be heavy. Rather, the small manufacturer DeAnima proves what can be achieved from the traditional material; DeAnima specifies the frame weight as 1350 grams.
Handmade bicycle collection shining craftsmen in Japan and Italy.

In a small industrial unit in a sleep town, two Italian craftsmen are building something with meaning.
My overall impression of the DeAnima is that it offers a well-balanced ride without any real weaknesses. It’s light, stiff (not quite super-stiff), responsive and comfortable, and it handles very well indeed.

Canadian Cycling Magazine
But what really impressed me was how the bike felt when I put pressure on the bars. Some gravel bikes can feel a bit languid in the corners. The DeAnima Soul’s turns felt direct. For my half-day to day-long rides, however, the geometry I had was perfect. Would I change anything? It’s just the kind of bike you want to keep riding and riding.

Bike Rumour
For a first gravel bike, Gianni seems to have nailed the relationship between spirited riding and steady handling off road. I took it on a mix of fast, straight dirt and gravel sections, plenty of pavement, and my usual rooty cyclocross training loop in the woods. And then there’s the general ride quality.