‘It’s very frustrating seeing the world you live in disappear or morph into something you no longer recognise or believe in – suddenly you wake up and everything has moved, materials have changed, everything has been shipped abroad and most people want to give up’

DeAnima Cicli 2014

That was how our previous website opened, it was a reflection on the state of the Italian artisan frame building when we started DeAnima back in 2014, times have changed but our ideas are still the same, the desire to continue with the traditional working methods and to keep alive the tradition of Italian frame building, but at the same time to keep transforming it and bring it into modern times.

In a world of model years and every new bike being touted as lighter, stiffer and stronger than everything that came before – we at DeAnima believe in another way. We recognise that the best design has a timeless quality. All of our frames are built to be ridden and optimised to the individual rider’s requirements. Experience has taught us that evolution comes through constant refinement and experimentation.

From the initial design concept right through to our handcrafted finish, we produce our frames completely in house. Our frame designs have been perfected through our many years of experience in the art of frame building combined with hundreds of prototypes and iterations; each step taken on the road to perfecting our production methods while ensuring that we are able to offer the very best in terms of design, aesthetics and ride quality.

We design, build and paint our frames in our workshop here in Pergine Valsugana, Italy – all by hand, by us, from materials made in Italy. 

Fatto a mano in Italia – Handmade in Italy