Paint is something that everyone takes for granted, but it’s actually one of the most difficult processes to get right, getting a perfect paint finish takes a long time and requires a lot of experience. It’s a process that has many stages and requires drying time in the oven between coats of paint, the whole process can take up to 2 days. All the frames are spray painted by hand, we do not use any type of transfers, stickers or electro static finishing. The frame graphic designs are applied using stencils. For each colour there is a stencil, meaning that more complicated the design more stencils are required. It is a very slow way of spaying frames and can take many hours to complete just one frame. But we think that the results speak for themselves.


This is the current selection of colours that we are using this year in our designs. Should you require a colour not listed please check out the RAL series colour chart and we should be able to do it.