RAL# 1018

This is our second frame in carbon. The first was a prototype, not sold to the the market and served to test bed to arrive at the Unblended. The whole frame is made in Italy, from the original designs for the moulds to produce the tubes, to the actual assembly work. We have our own particular stratification of the carbon fibre layers to produce the tubes, we use a sandwich of Toray T800 3k plain e T800 UD. The joint wrapping required experimentation and tests to arrive at the design we use now. The carbon we use for the wrapping is Toray T700 HM 3K prepreg.

To make an Unblended frame the production starts with the tubes being formed in the moulds and being cured. Once the order arrives we start cutting and mitering the tubes to the required size, these are placed into a jig and glued and then wrapped with carbon fibre – more info here. This way of building allows us to personalise the geometry based on the client. The frame takes about 2 days to make from start to finish and requires multiple visits to the oven for curing and at various stages. Once the frame is ready for painting it is sanded by hand to remove the surface gloss.

100% hand painted finish using custom stencils and hand sprayed using aerograph. Oven and air cured paints. Each frame takes up to 2 days to paint.
Paint Designs
Paint Chart

Paint design shown left: Oro. Gold leaf on transparent matt base.

Custom Geometry available.
Standard Geometry available - sizes: 48 to 62cm.
Custom tubeset, headset bearings are 1 1/2" lower and 1 1/8" upper, seat tube diameter is 31.7, band on 35mm front deraileur.
Weight: 850g for 55cm frame.